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Climbing is often about the smallest of details. Millimetres are often the only thing connecting you and your climbing wall, or your “interface”.

This is why selecting the rubber on your climbing shoes is so important.

Cornerstone to high performance rubber compounds is in the ‘Rubber Physical Properties’. It’s these numbers that matter. They represent the quality of a rubber. The way it feels, the way it holds under your feet and ultimately the way it will wear over time.

Durometer is a unit of measure of the deformity of a rubber compound when pressure is applied to it. It is this deformity that relates to a compounds stickiness. Too much deformity and the rubber tends to roll, or rebound, under load.

In other words, does it feel “gummy” or “firm”. A firm compound will hold its shape on even the smallest edge, while a gummy compound will feel like it spreads into even the smallest grains of a rocks surface.

The higher the Durometer value the more a compound that will resist compression, and ultimately, resist wear over time. While a lower Durometer value will create hightened stickiness, more roll under your load, and will have a trade off in durability for that increased performance.

It’s this juggling act of these properties that makes UnParrallel Rubber stand out. By utilising three different rubber compounds, we can best match a shoes purpose with a rubber suited to deliver that performance.


UP RH (Real Honour) offers climbers the perfect balance between stickiness and durability. Perfect when you are looking for a rubber than can handle all terrain with unparalleled confidence in their footwork.