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Portfolio tag: Rubber

VD Rubber

UP VD (Virtual Demping) has superior properties that provide unparalleled friction. Super sensitive under foot, this rubber is truly a secret weapon for anyone looking for the send. SHORE A DUROMETER: 45-55 | REBOUND: 8% | DIN ABRASION: 280

RS Rubber

UP RS (Real Supreme) is about finding the balance between the higher performance needs required for steeper overhanging lines. Super sticky, this compound has a little more roll under foot, so is better suited to climbs that are off-vertical. SHORE A DUROMETER: 65-70 | REBOUND: 11% | DIN ABRASION: 285

RH Rubber

UP RH (Real Honour) offers climbers the perfect balance between stickiness and durability. Perfect when you are looking for a rubber than can handle all terrain with unparalleled confidence in their footwork. SHORE A DUROMETER: 76-80 | REBOUND: 13% | DIN ABRASION: 290